10 Tips for Choosing a Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility

skilled nursing and rehabilitation

Demand for skilled nursing and rehabilitation services is high. It’s estimated that the physical therapy industry brings in a little over $26 billion annually.

People will pay plenty of money to go to a good physical rehab facility, but they need to find one first.

Choosing a rehabilitation facility for you or a loved one can take a lot of work. But if you take time to notice the right things and ask questions, you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect one.

If you’re looking for a quick guide on how to find a rehabilitation facility, you’ve come to the right place. Once you finish this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to make an informed decision for you or your loved one.

How To Find Skilled Nursing And Rehabilitation Help

If you’re new to the world of physical rehabilitation, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive.

Reading websites, reviews, and pamphlets can be helpful, but they won’t be enough to help you choose a facility that fits your needs.

When you’re going through the process of finding skilled rehab facilities, be sure to follow our guide and do these helpful things.

Chat With Your Insurance Provider

Cost and coverage are some of the first things people research when they look for a rehabilitation facility, and you should do the same if you want to make things easier during your search.

Give your insurance provider a call and see if they have recommendations for rehabilitation facilities that are already in your network. If you begin working off of their suggestions, you won’t have to worry about wasting time looking for out of network providers.

If you have trouble getting recommendations from your current provider, ask your doctor for recommendations. Your doctor may be able to provide the names of local facilities that already take your insurance.

Check Their Specialties

Rehabilitation facilities and skilled nursing facilities that offer rehab services can have different specialties. There may be some out there that are better suited to treat your specific problem.

Do you need help after having a stroke or suffering a brain injury? Did you recently have major heart surgery and need somewhere to regain your strength? Does a loved one have Parkinson’s disease and need help with motor skills?

Study the Staff

A state of the art care facility won’t be the right place for you or a loved one if the staff isn’t friendly and accommodating.

If you want to pick the right care facility, take a look at the staff that runs it.

Does the staff seem like they genuinely care about the residents at the facility? Do you see nurses and other staff interacting nicely with patients? See how they communicate with patients, and you will be able to better determine how they’ll treat your loved one.

Don’t be afraid to ask people questions about their job too. See how much they enjoy their job, and if they have flexible shifts and enough people in their care.

Study the Patients

Some skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers will have people in varying states of health. Regardless of how bad their condition is, they should still be well taken care of and given enough attention.

See if there are enough activities to keep them occupied and happy. Take notice of how many people are unsupervised and seem lost or confused.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to a few and ask a few how they personally feel about the place.

Speak With Doctors

If you’re going to be living in a skilled nursing care facility, it’s possible that you may need help that goes beyond basic nursing care.

Be sure to take some time to talk to a doctor or the director of nursing about medical care. Ask how often patients will be speaking to doctors as well as other medical staff, and what they do in case there’s an emergency or need for hospitalization.

If you have any rare conditions, ask if there are any doctors familiar with it. A talk with the doctor is a perfect time to address any medical concerns you may have around their care.

Consider Supplemental Services

Traditional physical therapy can help rehabilitation, but other kinds of help could aid your recovery.

Creative therapy that focuses on art or music could help you relax or improve memorization and motor skills. You could also benefit from emotional support from group therapy or pets.

If the skilled nursing facility you’re interested in doesn’t cover supplemental services, they may have relationships with places that provide these services on their own.

Ask About How Treatment Plans Are Formed

People are in skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers for a variety of reasons. Everyone will need different levels of care and may require special attention in certain areas.

Ask how doctors form treatment plans for their patients, and ask about the other specialists they may need to consult.

Be sure to ask if there are people that work in the facility that specializes in things other than physical and occupational therapy. Help from speech/language specialists, psychologists, and social workers could help your rehabilitation.

Check Out Equipment

The facilities you investigate should be able to give you information on some of the specialty equipment they have.

Most will have the kind of equipment you’re used to seeing in a gym like weights, exercise balls, and workout mats. But if you truly want to know if the facility is right for you, pay attention to the specialty equipment they have.

If you’re looking for physical rehabilitation after a stroke, a facility with a body weight support treadmill could be helpful. Car simulators, zero-gravity treadmills, and other specialty equipment could add more to your rehab experience.

Find The Right Facility Today

Now that you know how to find a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center to suit your needs, it’s time to start doing some research on your own.

Whether you need rehabilitation help to recover after surgery or an accident, or need long-term skilled nursing care after a stroke or heart attack, we’re here to help.

We’re always happy to talk to potential patients and their families about the work that we do. Contact us today so we can start discussing the best way to handle your physical rehabilitation.

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